Statement of Work

I thought that my next blog will be done already in Malaysia, but I am excited about the assignment that I wanted to write once again before I am leaving.
Additionally I wanted to take the opportunity to test my WordPress app on my iPad. All that various implementations in WordPress, twitter and the feeds to the CSC site are now done and linked together. Friends know that I can sit here hours to get all perfectly set up. 😉
I am happy to say that a lot is already completed – also the itinerary, vaccinations, learning modules, packing list, etc. (only the dress code is little tricky as I do not get any long skirt and scarf during the wintertime in Austria 😦 ).
I know that the next three weeks are running fast, concentrating on the current work and all handover but also starting with the upcoming tasks.
Few days ago we received the assignment descriptions (statement of work). With two others I’ll be establishing a curriculum for the IT Project Management Academy for the University Malaysia Pahang, an engineering and technical university in Kuantan. Sounds exciting, and I hope that I can use a lot of my PM skills to deliver good work.
Others in our Malaysia team will do similar work for the university or for the Kuantan Municipal Council.
Really looking forward meeting the whole team and our clients soon.
Undang sekarang 🙂



#ibmcsc malaysia

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2 thoughts on “Statement of Work

  1. claudiapeil

    Hello Petra, we will for sure miss you while you are away but wishing you a wonderful time.

  2. Dave Brown

    What an exciting start Petra! Its certainly going to be challenging, but so wonderfully rewarding as well. I look forward to reading your blog.


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