Countdown for my CSC assignment

🙂 ‘Congratulations on your acceptance to the Corporate Service Corps’ – a business version of the Peace Corps.

In June 2012 I received the confirmation that my Corporate Service Corps (CSC) assignment is approved, and I am selected to be part of the Malaysia team where 12 IBM employees from 9 different countries will go to Kuantan, on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Since November we are running team meetings via teleconferences and are busy with a lot of prep-work. Besides all prearrangements for travelling, vaccinations, packing list, etc. we need to complete several learning modules and get prepared about the societies and cultures, ethnic groups and behaviours to facilitate the residence and assigned work.

Now there are only 7 weeks left to get everything prepared for this assignment and for my current work during my absence. I want to take the opportunity already now to thank my managers and colleagues and also my husband for their acceptance and support!

With this blog I will try to provide you regular updates from my assignment there. My flight will go on February 15, so stay tuned! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Countdown for my CSC assignment

  1. Cock van der Ploege

    Ok, made myself a follower, so will remain up to date with whatever you are going to do over there: Lots of success in the preparation work !!!

  2. Yeah! I assume you are very happy to join the Corporate Service Corps. I am very curious and will of course follow your blog, … I wish you a good time in Malaysia!

  3. Will follow your blog with great pleasure, lot’s of fun, joy and success 🙂

  4. stefan österreicher

    hi,thank you to be a part of your blog and i will follow your way as a brother can do it – i know you got it to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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